Creating memorable films and photography is my passion, and for over a decade have molded me every single day. I create stunning visual narratives using my expertise with my camera, lighting, writing, editing and directing. I create everything from documentaries, music videos and PSAs to short form social media videos with my knowledge gained through years in the industry.

My films have been shown at The Nottingham Contemporary in the UK, The Techno Museum in Detroit, at Bluestockings in New York City and in Los Angeles.

My 5 star reviews on Yelp and Upwork are a testament to my creativity, professionalism and dedication to my clients.

I began my studio, Naheedence, in New York City in 2005. I relocated to Los Angeles in 2010. I continue pursuing my passion for film & Photography in my East Los Angeles neighborhood. From downtown LA, to Santa Monica, Pasadena and beyond. I capture life throughout Southern California and nationwide. Because of my expertise, I am also an educator with over 4 years of teaching film production.

In case you were wondering...

My images have been published in:

The Washington Post

USA Today

The Detroit Free Press

Time Out New York

Daily Candy

My product and food photos line the shelves of retailers nationwide including Target and Costco.

Email me at: [email protected] or call me at: 213-537-0429 for a consultation today.