Photography is my passion and for over a decade it has molded me every single day, through my interactions with my clients and during every photo session.

Being a great observer and storyteller and capturing the countless special, fleeting moments that often go unrecorded is my specialty. From across the room I notice someone reach out their hand to hold another's. I jump in the middle of a crowd with my camera held above my head to get the shot to tell the story and I know what to say to the shy person who hates having their photo taken.

My images have been featured in publications ranging from The Washington Post and USA Today to The Detroit Free Press, Time Out New York, The New York Sun and Daily Candy. My product and food photos line the shelves of retailers nationwide including Target and Costco.

As a youngster, I flipped through the pages of National Geographic awed and inspired by the world's varied cultures and landscapes. I was enriched by my experience as a first generation American growing up in Detroit, Michigan. My eyes wide and a mind full of ideas I studied photojournalism and set out to show how though we are different, our experiences are interconnected.

I began my studio Naheedence Photographic in New York City in 2005. I relocated to Los Angeles in 2010. I continue pursuing my passion for photography in my East Los Angeles neighborhood. From downtown LA, to Santa Monica, Pasadena and beyond. I capture photos throughout Southern California and nationwide.

I shoot a wide range of photography. I love capturing weddings and events on-location but also love photographing portraits, products and food in the studio .