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East Los Angeles Tourism Micrommercial Video Advertisement Recently I created a video for a client to capture the eye of tourists visiting Los Angeles. Many people travel to LA without ever seeing "The Eastside". There are visitors out there who are searching for more than Hollywood tours and Disneyland.

Case in point, a couple I know visited from Australia last month had a one day layover. They visited a few places in their short time here: East LA's Boyle Heights to eat, Little Tokyo for a quick walk through and a bar in the Arts District. All of those areas are a quick drive or a 20-minute walk away from each other.

East LA is so culturally rich and flavorful it was hard to cover a lot in a one-minute video! I chose colorful Talavera tiles as the backdrop to my titles because of their beauty. You see them everywhere throughout East Los Angeles. Dancing and mariachi music are definitely part of the rich culture here. The music I chose, produced by Nomadico, is a perfect combo of traditional Latin music and the futuristic sounds of the pulsating city.

East LA is very close to Downtown Los Angeles, a 10-15 minute drive or 25-minute bus ride away. You may be surprised how many fireworks you hear year-round. Your tummy will be happy as you get fresh tacos outside and eat colorful pastries called sweetbreads. Driving through the city you will see Piñatas, palm trees and plenty of street art. I hope my video entices you to visit East LA!



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