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Little Instagram Video from a Photo Shoot at my Studio in Los Angeles

May 29, 2018 - The video above is from a photo session I did with Chef Mick from Cutthroat Kitchen and BBQ Rescues. We had a lot of fun...
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Product Photo Shoot in Monrovia

May 22, 2018 - I love photographing high-end well designed spaces and products on location. I shot the sink above at a home in Monrovia...
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New Instagram Hashtag: thediptychproject

May 08, 2018 - I am excited to announce I've launched #thediptychproject to the world of Instagram. You can follow me at my Instagram a...
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Mehndi, Nikah, Rukhsati: South Asian Muslim Wedding

May 01, 2018 - Above is a photo I shot of a bride the day after her Mehndi. She is pictured here saying a prayer during her Nikah. The...
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