Humorous Family Portrait Session in Los Angeles!

April 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Babies are the toughest clients! Many times you are lucky to get a handful of "good" happy shots during a photo session. It depends on so many variables and you try to get them all just right beforehand. Has the baby napped and eaten? Is the room warm or cold enough? Will the baby be bothered by the flash? And sometimes you have a very short window so you have to hold that shutter down before you miss any magic. But magic is subjective, isn't it? The photos on the bottom of the triptych are hilarious, no? Why not book your special family moments with a pro? Call or email me today for a studio or outdoor portrait session in Los Angeles. I can even travel to you, we all know how much babies just love carseats, hahahah! *Disclaimer, these photos are not retouched, please excuse any blemishes ;)*


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