Naheedence Photographic | Chakra Powered Jewelry Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

Chakra Powered Jewelry Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

March 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I create outstanding photos of products for my clients throughout the country. Recently I shot a session for Five Star Hippie. They make spirit inspired jewelry and are based out of Santa Monica. President of the company, Janine Forte, has contagious fun and positive energy, which made our session exceptional. She is pictured here while I setup the shot of her bracelets to get the perfectly styled photograph.

Above is a closeup of the beautifully designed bracelets. I love using the Macro lens and capturing the handmade detail. Now this is something your IPhone is not going to do for you! If you have a product you want to stand out in the barrage of products online, hire a professional photographer. You hire a professional like myself for my TRAINED EYE and knowing the craft. Manipulating lights, setting up the camera and getting it all to work in harmony, that's my job.


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