Naheedence Photographic | Scheduling Photo Shoots in Los Angeles-Get Some Professional Photos and Stand Out in 2018!

Scheduling Photo Shoots in Los Angeles-Get Some Professional Photos and Stand Out in 2018!

February 09, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This year I plan to shoot more than ever and will up my game in the social media world. I am compiling a list of subjects for my campaign. I really wish Instagram allowed you to have separate sections in one account so I could display my images in a more cohesive way by subject. But, I guess that is what my website is for! I am hoping to draw more Instagrammers to my website, and of course get some web hits from Facebook as well. Let's be honest, I need some customers from those hits!

I really would love to shoot plenty of portrait sessions this year. There is something so special about meeting someone, shooting their photograph and telling their story within a 10-60 minute time span. 

Santa Monica PortraitSanta Monica Portrait I had about 30 minutes with the client above, who is an author. I setup lights, cleaned up the environs and made sure to bring out his personality all in a matter of minutes. I used two strobes and two diffused umbrellas for this shot and really wanted to make sure there were not any distracting shadows to take away from the background. I had to edit and send the photos his way within a few hours. I really love working under tight deadlines.

I photographed this image for Concierge Physicians. I had about 10 minutes in between the doctor's appointment to get the shot. I also had to retouch and send the best photos on the same day. Here, I shot with only one external on-camera flash and bounced the light off the low ceiling to get some nice light spread.

Next time you want to impress prospective clients with your website or brochure for your company, be sure to give me a call or send an email!



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