Sunset in Downtown Los Angeles NYE, 2018 is here...

January 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Chinatown Historic State Park in Los AngelesChinatown Historic State Park in Los AngelesChinatown Historic State Park in Los Angeles, Chinatown, Downtown LA.

The sun sets on New Year's Eve in downtown Los Angeles. My daughter and husband are the tiny people walking by in the foreground. The Downtown Los Angeles skyline view is from Chinatown's State Historic Park.

I hope 2018 is a great year, and let's face it, it better be! Personally, 2018 was a great year as I enjoy each day with my toddler and keep my photography career going. The world at large is an entirely different story, I don't need to explain.

Here in LA we passed bills to help the homeless population, hopefully we will see those first steps carried out into success. I will be there with my camera in hand to capture the ever changing landscape. As we enjoy a "clean slate" and new beginning I hope to shoot more video and photographs, spend more time working on my art and enjoy every moment possible with my family.

Here is to you 2018, may you takes us light years into a better future for us all...


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