Naheedence Photographic | El Sereno Mural in Los Angeles

El Sereno Mural in Los Angeles

January 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Los Angeles is full of beautiful murals and every busy street has so much to see. Some of the best go unnoticed. One of my favorites is in my neighborhood in East LA, by artist Kristy Sandoval. In the top left corner is a quote from Cesar Chavez, "You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore".

As a photographer in Los Angeles their is no shortage of coverage about DACA and ICE. Many artists have dedicated their careers to speaking out against injustice, by using the power of their outlook and creativity. 

City Hall looming on protesters in downtown LACity Hall looming on protesters in downtown LA at the Immigrants Make America Great Rally In the photo above, shot with my 16-35mm lens, City Hall looms large and tall over the protesters. It's been said that City Hall in downtown LA is like a large phallus in the middle of the city. Placed their by conquerers whose only passion was to colonize and control the masses.

We are connected to our past as much as we are the present and future. Being an artist telling stories through images allows me to freeze time. Whose stories and images will be held in people's minds? Will we be impacted by what we've seen? Hopefully...


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