Real Estate Photography in Los Angeles

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Open house, real estate photographyReal Estate photography by Naheed Choudhry Caballero.

Through the years I've photographed homes, businesses and prospective lands for buyers. Nowadays, I shoot video of properties as well and do walkthroughs of a space. Recently I photographed for a home going for upwards of $1.5 million dollars...To some that may not seem like much but to this Detroiter, turned Brooklynite turned East Angeleno, that is a hell of a lot of money.

The space is huge and the backyard and curb appeal is on point. When I photograph a space I like to do a combination of HDR along with traditional ambient lit spaces. I use strobes and on-camera flash as well but if the light is right I might use ambient light and just go for a more natural look.

With my 16-35mm f2.8 wide angle lens shooting interiors and exteriors is as fun as shooting landscapes. Often you run into challenges: a room with ugly yellow lights and no windows, a space that is not that clean, a space with a dark ceiling and not much ambient light etc. Setting the white balance and the right exposure is of utmost importance in camera. You have to be technical and shoot the right angles to make the space shine even if it in not that great. This is when your real photographic talent is put to the test.

Shooting interiors and exteriors is a great addition to my portfolio. At events I have to photograph the space as well as the action. Often times people don't keep that in mind. During on-location photo shoots you have to know what ambient light you can use, if you will need a reflector or where the shade is located. These are all elements you use in every photo shoot. 

Sometimes clients wonder why I don't "specialize" in one type of photography. I used to shoot for newspapers. During that time I needed to shoot every aspect of the story. The location, the people, the time etc. Afterwards, sometimes on the same day, you would move on to a food photo shoot for the features section, then you would shoot a portrait of an artist who is exhibiting at a museum nearby. I got used to that and don't want that to change. I love all types of photography and will incorporate that into my shoots forever. 

Also, photographers need to adapt during this ever-changing time of visual storytelling. I am from the school of thought, the more you know the better!


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