Allysse's Quinceañera

July 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I photographed and shot video of a Quinceañera recently in metro Los Angeles and it was quite the affair. We started in Arcadia, went to All Souls Church in Alhambra, then off to Cascades Park in Monterey Park and finally traveled to Ontario (all the way to Ontario!) to the Airport Hotel for the reception. The photos above were shot at the home of my client. I have worked with this client before and knew it would be easier this time around since there was no need to 'break the ice".

When the birthday girl came out her court was excited to see her. Above her mother laughs with her as the audience reveres her beauty.

As a photographer it is difficult to keep a low profile during church ceremonies because sound travels and reverberates so easily. I captured this angle when my client's daughter did a short prayer in front of the Virgen De Guadalupe at All Souls Church and I was able to follow her. 

In the photograph below her friends have a laugh during their exciting day. I've posted a snippet of the video below for your viewing pleasure. 

Alysse's Quinceañera


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