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Picture Perfect Portabello

May 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Closeup of a portabella mushroom. Portabello mushroom photographed by Los Angeles food photographer Naheed Choudhry.

Shooting photography with a Macro Lens is one of my favorite activities. I love to capture every minute detail of a still life subject, especially food. In the oversaturated food photography times that we live in now food photography that doubles as beautiful art can be hard to find. There are thousands of amateur food photographs on Pinterest and Instagram, of course there are always exceptions. The portabello mushroom above looks so perfect, almost too perfect to eat. If my client allows I like to shop for the food I photograph and search for the perfectly shaped apple, the loaf of bread with the most grains on it and the mushroom that isn't smashed to bits! Here is to the beauty of the Macro lens and of my trusted Alien Bee 800 lights, which I now love like my best friend :) Most photographers become attached to their equipment and for me it is hard to let go of any of my gear. I usually donate my older gear to students but I always feel like I am losing a part of something near and dear to me that I have fond memories of.


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