Naheedence Photographic | Immigrants Make America Great March in Downtown Los Angeles

Immigrants Make America Great March in Downtown Los Angeles

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend I attended a march in downtown LA with thousands of others in solidarity against discrimination. Several groups marched for the rights of immigrants and to take a stand against Donald Trump's bigotry and hatred. The rights of so many people are in danger and Native Americans represented in Downtown Los Angeles to stand up for immigrant rights and for the rights of indigenous people. 

I have spent more time being a photojournalist in the past few months because of the political climate in the US. It brings me back to why I originally picked up a camera, to tell stories and give people a voice. Right now with the media under attack it is of utmost importance for us to document these tumultuous times. Trump and his ridiculous cabinet can keep lying about how they are so successful but we all know the truth. Their fascist regime will fail because we live in a democracy. We can't let Trump and his followers pretend this is "business as usual" politics. 

The march started at Pershing Square and ended at City Hall. I will keep shining a light on these voices because they we all need to be heard. Not just the 1%. To view more photos I captured at the rally visit: 


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