Naheedence Photographic | Chela Una Portrait Session in El Sereno Los Angeles #NELA

Chela Una Portrait Session in El Sereno Los Angeles #NELA

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

I recently did a portrait session for promotional material and album artwork for singer Chela Una. I wanted to capture female empowerment in the photographs and we did not want them to be light and cutesy but more serious and edgy. 

I wanted to focus on her face and eyes during the session and I tried to get her hands in the mix also but ended up liking the photos with an emphasis on her face the most. The photography session took place at my studio in El Sereno in Northeast Los Angeles. 

I did not go crazy with Photoshop in the final edit. I am trying more and more to get everything in camera and feel for my style I am truly trying to capture the essence of a person and not a caricature version of them, unless they want an illustrated photo I shot using a filter (see below).





The photographer and the subject! #Resist #WomanPower
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