Shepard Fairey

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The Library Street Collective's Shepard Fairey exhibit is nestled among dumpling factories and the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles. The space is hidden at 1650 Naud Street. Recently, I photographed the space during the stunning display of Shepard Fairey's work at his exhibit, Damaged. I loved the setup of the exhibit where you walk in and enter a mock-up version of the artist's studio. You immediately see details like his paint splotched shoes, paint mask and shards of multicolored paper.

Shepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey Sculpture at Damaged Exhibit in DTLA.

I was happy to see so much of his work and didn't know Fairey created sculptures like the one above. I am always impressed by his wit and attention to detail.

The warehouse where the "Damaged" exhibition is located in Chinatown is thousands of square feet. Library Street Collective is Detroit based and is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA). NADA is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support and advancement of new voices in contemporary art. The exhibit ends on December 17th and I feel so lucky to have seen Shepard Fairey's largest exhibit to date.


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