Naheedence Photographic | Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles Rallies Historic Crowds

Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles Rallies Historic Crowds

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Marches across the United States and the world took place on Sunday urging people to unite together for common causes against sexism, racism and for equality for all women and people of the world.

The only time I've ever seen this many people gathered in Los Angeles is for concerts. It was quite an inspiring spectacle. This past week has been a trial for us all to see what Trump will do and how citizens will react. Since he lost the popular vote I have wanted to get involved with getting rid of the electoral college, a racist and outdated law that needs to be amended for modern times, like other parts of the constitution.  

Trump will try his best to separate us but we will continue to fight for equal rights for all and not succumb to bigotry and hatred. To get involved please call and/or write to your senators and representatives and let them know you will not vote for bigots and you stand with all people. All people deserve the right to be healthy and live in a safe environment. The future of our country depends on us.


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