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It's Raining in Los Angeles!

January 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So many things are happening in the world right now. I am still in denial about some of them, like the inauguration of you-know-who at the end of this month. One thing is crystal clear though, it's been raining in Los Angeles for a week straight and has rained several other times for long periods since the fall. I actually love photographing on cloudy days. I like to call clouds "nature's softbox". If you are photographing people outside with no reflectors etc. and it is super sunny you have to use fill flash and even then some sunny days are less than ideal for photography. Most people would think that is an oxy moron but it is not. As it rained today I thought about the multitude of clients calling this past week and the excitement I have this year to photograph everything possible. I will be at some rallies this month but first I will travel to Joshua Tree to get centered and realize we still shall overcome. I hope this is a great year for us all, despite what it feels like politically we should continue on our paths and help each other to find positivity in each day. Only then will we defeat ignorance. This rain is a symbol to me that we will have a beautiful and bountiful organic garden this year and my middle class family in Los Angeles can sustain a small farm in our backyard if we have the gumption and hope. We hope for health for us all and all new plants to be watered equally.


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