Naheedence Photographic | Sugaring Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

Sugaring Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

June 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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Occasionally I get a client who wants to work in squares. I usually work in rectangles so working in squares is not my favorite activity! Imagine my dismay when Instagram first came out?! Luckily Instagram has a landscape button to change the square to a rectangle these days. I photographed for a client who does sugaring and waxing, facials etc. and uses all natural ingredients. She wanted to use the images for social media so I kept my shots to work within a square frame. Often times I will also shoot a little bit wider for square photos so I can crop them into squares and have more wiggle room later. Ah, the tricks of the trade! All of our secrets are out here on the Internet nowadays! I am not that old, really ;)


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