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Windmills of the West

April 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Windmills Windmills in Palm Springs, California. There is something liberating and utterly beautiful about large expanses of land, especially when they are being use to renew the earth. I am a strong proponent of renewable energy and try my best to do what I can to reuse, renew and recycle in my life. Now I am hoping to pass those same values to my daughter. Mother earth really needs us right now, she needs us to be smart and stop using fossil fuels and abusing the one place we have to live. The time is now and I think powerful images of nature in all of its splendor will help reiterate this idea of a clean earth. 

This photograph is from a collection of windmills in Palm Springs, California, about 1.5 hours East of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is in deep need of repair and totally dependent on automobiles at the moment. Times can change quickly though and expanding public transit and bullet trains will help us protect the environment because we will be using less fossil fuel.


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