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Joshua Tree National Park

March 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Joshua TreeThe sun shines behind a Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park about 2 hours East of Los Angeles. I went to Joshua Tree National Park with family and friends recently.  It was our first time visiting and we will definitely be back. The park is vast and filled with may odd spectacles. We had the most fun around the large stones in the area "Jumbo Rock". The photo above is of a Joshua Tree photographed at Jumbo Rock. The sun shines behind the Joshua Tree.

Cholla Plant at Joshua Tree National Park.An alien like cholla cactus. Above is a cholla cactus. They are very dangerous! A cholla ended up on my shoe and rubbed against my calf, a bunch of cactus needles got stuck in my leg. I had to pick them out one by one. I bled a little and was more careful walking amongst the cacti after that!

My friend Felicia and her daughter are pictured here in the middle of the frame, tiny on the Jumbo Rocks. I love how this shot shows the scale of the Jumbo Rocks. The blue sky and yellow brown rocks create a nice contrast also.

To view more photos from the adventure visit: (Please excuse the dust, I didn't have time to retouch the photos on account of having a 6.5 month old!)


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