One Year Since I traveled to Pakistan

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's been one year since my entire family traveled to Pakistan to witness the wedding of one of my brothers. The time has flown by and I found out I was pregnant just before the trip. The trip was as good as it gets. I met amazing people who inspired me to be a better person and I saw one of my three brothers get married to a lovely young lady. Two of my cousins also got married while we were there.

We traveled to the capital, Islamabad, for a day of sightseeing and I loved the architecture and the exciting pace of the town. 

I hope my brother and his wife live as happily as my husband of 11 years and I have! May they support each other and make each other better people. When I look at the photos I get the traveling bug, luckily for me I live in California so I can be in a different environment and feel like I am in a different world within one hour of traveling any direction! 


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