Coyote Rose Artist Collective

February 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

Angeles National ForestAngeles National ForestPhotos of Angeles National Forest in Aracdia, California. Photos by Naheed Choudhry.

This past weekend Dex (my husband and techno guru) and I met with local artists in our area thanks to the Nextdoor App. The meeting was about starting a collective in our area of Los Angeles, our zip code is 90032. Artists from El Sereno, Rose Hills, South Pasadena and other Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods came and shared their ideas. The artists represented a vast array of talent including: Illustration, writing, music production and photography. We are excited to work on projects with local artists and are imagining all of the possibilities. During our first meeting we came up with the name: Coyote Rose Artist Collective.

Coyote Rose Artist Collective is in the process of getting a permit to hold a festival and art show in El Sereno/Rose Hills. We hope to be a thriving group bringing even more creative perspective to the NELA Art Walk and beyond. The group has a facebook page where you can checkout the latest info regarding the artists, festival/show.

Dex is a Los Angeles native and we both moved here from NYC in 2012. We lived in Echo Park near downtown LA but as rent prices kept going up we decided we wanted to buy a house before we were priced out of yet another neighborhood. Now we are homeowners and live 3 miles from downtown LA in El Sereno. We are looking forward to creating a community of artists near us who will motivate us to be even more creative and keep us inspired.

Photos in this post are from Ernest Debs Park in El Sereno. The entrance is from Monterey Road in Northeast Los Angeles.


Wow the downtown in that shot looks like the emerald city or something. i used to always think that the cathedrals (and surely mosques but i didn't study them as much) must have really been convincing as gateways to the heavens in the 1300's or whenever when people would see them from miles away.
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