Naheedence Photographic | The Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles

The Broad Museum in Downtown Los Angeles

December 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

End of the year festivities for my family this year included a much anticipated visit to The Broad Museum in Downtown LA. We watched as the building was slowly pieced together and were in awe of the architecture. My daughter was born shortly before The Broad opened so we put a visit on hold for over a year. I booked about 1 and a half months in advance to get our December 30th booking. The standby line was long and it was a cold day in LA. 

The Broad collection of pop art was not my favorite aspect of visiting, the building itself was.  There were standout pieces throughout the museum but I tended to be more enthralled with the space. It was a great way for my family and I to ring in the new year and I am glad we finally visited. My studio is located only a 20 minute bus ride from The Broad in El Sereno in Northeast Los Angeles. Taking a bus helped us save on parking fees.

El Anatsui and Kara Walker's artwork stood out to me. Above is a piece from Anatsui described on The Broad website as "crafts bottle caps, reused aluminum commercial packaging, copper wire, and other materials into giant shimmering sheets of what he calls “cloths.”


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