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Nature Restore Product Photo Shoot

December 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I just completed a product photo shoot at my studio in Los Angeles for a California based company Nuliv Science. The product is a powder made from fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. The company takes every precaution for great quality control of every ingredient from start to finish. I love working with companies who care about the earth and the health of its customers.

I photographed the pouches of powder with various props and the fine powders isolated. I always love shooting macro photography and love the way textures look up close. The colors of the powders really stood out to me. It was a challenge to get the packages to look somewhat uniform in each shot because the powders sit differently in each pouch. In the end the client and I decided it was better to keep it looking like a photograph because when you apply too much Photoshop it looks like an illustration rather than a photograph. Below is a photo my husband took while I was shooting the last few photos. I photographed and retouched 76 shots so it was quite an undertaking after watching my toddler all day, but I felt proud at the end of the week when the project was complete.


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