Toddler Photo Session in El Sereno Los Angeles

October 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

This week I photographed a portrait session of a two-year-old right before her bedtime! Her mother was meeting with an agent who needed a comp card made by Thursday and we did the photo session on Tuesday night.

When a photographer works with a child it can be challenging. You have to make the child comfortable very quickly. In some cases I work outside which can be easier. We needed to shoot with a white backdrop at my studio in Los Angeles to have more control over the light in this case. The area my studio is in is aptly named "El Sereno", the serene. I remained serene throughout the session!

We had about 1 hour to get 3 wardrobe changes and needed a handful of great shots to work with. Since we were working on a tight deadline and so late in the evening I was trying to make magic. I always do my best and even though I was watching my own toddler all day I summoned all the energy I could to create these images.

Sometimes I have all day to get a few great shots, here I was limited on time because two-year-olds do not work on cue! I am happy everything worked out!


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