Studio Portrait in El Sereno

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I did a short family portrait session at my studio in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno this past weekend. I photograph portrait sessions often and when they include babies I know there is a small window of time to photograph in. Babies are very particular and they might end up disliking the strobes during a studio session or just be tired or teething. I try to move fast and once they get comfortable I shoot like crazy and can pick and choose a few shots in those fleeting moments when they are in a good mood. You have to be prepared and if the baby is not in the mood to have their photo taken you have to be patient. I love the expression on mom's face in this photo and the baby has some nice drool, a lovely face and sweet feet which made this one of my favorite shots from the session. When it comes to family sessions shooting outdoors is optimal because babies are more comfortable; however, if the shoot is scheduled for an evening the studio will have to do. 


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