Megan and Rikk's Wedding: From Santa Monica to Brooklyn

June 03, 2015  •  1 Comment

I was contacted by Megan late last year to see if I was available to shoot her wedding. She was calling from Santa Monica and wanted to know if I still shoot weddings in New York City. I usually shoot up to four weddings a year in NYC. We met in downtown LA and I was in luck because she is a decisive client, she hired me on the spot, right after she interviewed me.

I started out the day at The Condor Hotel in Brooklyn and then we headed to Loft 172 a few blocks away. There were about 20 women getting ready along with the bride in a suite so I was in a pretty tight space shooting. I made the best of it though. My assistant and I made it all happen that day. Our photography wedding shoot was eight hours, that's a lot of photos! After factoring in the commute my assistant's day was 12 hours and mine was 10 hours, almost all on our feet carrying heavy equipment back and forth to locations! A big shout out to my assistant Gabriella Glynn for her professionalism with making everything happen.

After the ceremony I had about 25 minutes to shoot all of the posed photos with the couple and a list of over 20 friends and family before it started raining. We got it done though and got through everything that day capturing the best photos along the way.

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Joel Schlesinger(non-registered)
Wow these images of this beautiful wedding at our Loft172 look so amazing

Since I am so involved behind the scenes I rarely get to see the wedding from the outside.

I am so so happy that we were able to arrange this wedding at our Loft space in Brooklyn.

You got amazing photos!

Joel Schlesinger
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