CJ Foodville Food Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

June 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I photographed this photo for a Korean food banner for the company CJ Foodville. I love everything about the shot. The colors, textures and human element really make it a standout shot in my portfolio. It was difficult to accomplish because we were in a time crunch and trying to make magic in minutes! The other element that held up the process is that I am over six months pregnant! Getting the gear to the client's kitchen and setting up, shooting and working with the stylist were more of a challenge with a little one to think about! Since this location photo shoot I've had to pass up a few opportunities because the shoots were on location. From now until a month after the baby is born I will be doing shoots at my studio only, unless I have an assistant with me! Baby is due in mid September, at least not without an assistant! That way I can take my time and manage my energy more easily than when I'm at a client's space :) The biggest upside to the shoot was getting some delicious Kalbi at the end of the shoot!


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