Naheedence Photographic: Blog en-us (C) Naheedence Photographic (Naheedence Photographic) Fri, 22 Jun 2018 18:35:00 GMT Fri, 22 Jun 2018 18:35:00 GMT Naheedence Photographic: Blog 95 120 Hepp's Salt Product Micromercial Video Shot at my Los Angeles Photo Studio Hepp's Salt Micrommercial VideoCommercial produced in Los Angeles of Hepp's Salt based in Venice and Minnesota.

Exciting video projects are brewing at Naheedence this summer. I have several product micromercials lined up to shoot, produce and edit. Doing everything from start to finish is the best. My clients give me a basic idea and I come up with a storyboard for their commercial. I am looking forward to doing some voice over in my next production. Guess what?! Having me do it all saves you money! It also gives me the opportunity to produce quickly, turnaround time can be between 2-5 days and voila, a social media video creation by yours truly is delivered to your dropbox, inbox or flash drive.

Want a video to entice your prospective customers but don't have the time? Invest as little as $350 and I can create professional grade videos that stand out and look amazing. I work with customers locally and nationwide. I can provide you with the unique content you are striving for. Call or email for a quote today!

I look forward to working with you!

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Visit East Los Angeles East Los Angeles Tourism Micrommercial Video Advertisement Recently I created a video for a client to capture the eye of tourists visiting Los Angeles. Many people travel to LA without ever seeing "The Eastside". There are visitors out there who are searching for more than Hollywood tours and Disneyland.

Case in point, a couple I know visited from Australia last month had a one day layover. They visited a few places in their short time here: East LA's Boyle Heights to eat, Little Tokyo for a quick walk through and a bar in the Arts District. All of those areas are a quick drive or a 20-minute walk away from each other.

East LA is so culturally rich and flavorful it was hard to cover a lot in a one-minute video! I chose colorful Talavera tiles as the backdrop to my titles because of their beauty. You see them everywhere throughout East Los Angeles. Dancing and mariachi music are definitely part of the rich culture here. The music I chose, produced by Nomadico, is a perfect combo of traditional Latin music and the futuristic sounds of the pulsating city.

East LA is very close to Downtown Los Angeles, a 10-15 minute drive or 25-minute bus ride away. You may be surprised how many fireworks you hear year-round. Your tummy will be happy as you get fresh tacos outside and eat colorful pastries called sweetbreads. Driving through the city you will see Piñatas, palm trees and plenty of street art. I hope my video entices you to visit East LA!


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One Minute Video Shorts for my Fun Instagram Campaign in Los Angeles

Instagram has been around since 2010, oh how time flies. That is the same year my partner and I moved to LA from NYC. Eight years ago I thought Instagram was for the narcissistic selfie obsessed folks. It still is, but it's also a place where professionals share their photos. It took me a looooooong time to jump on the Instagram wagon, but now that I've been smuggled in I am enjoying sharing more images and video with the world! (My copyright of course ;) Follow me @naheedence for my latest posts.

Right now I am in the middle of a campaign to show how close I am to my photography gear. I take really good care of them and pamper them like I would any pet I owned. They are my pets, in fact. I like to take them out, have some fun, make sure they get enough rest and stay clean.

Therein lies the idea for this campaign. I am taking a metaphorical look at how close I am to my gear. Also, how they are so well coordinated. They help me tell stories. They bring my ideas to life.

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Little Instagram Video from a Photo Shoot at my Studio in Los Angeles The video above is from a photo session I did with Chef Mick from Cutthroat Kitchen and BBQ Rescues. We had a lot of fun and above is a nice taste of what was shot. The music is by Nomadico. I also sampled a snippet of music from Green Velvet at the end of the video, "cameras ready, prepare the flash!

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Product Photo Shoot in Monrovia lifestyle interior photograph of sink I love photographing high-end well designed spaces and products on location.  I shot the sink above at a home in Monrovia near Los Angeles. It's always exciting to work in a new space, I get to put all of my photography skills to work. Getting the light right in a new environment is the key part of the photography profession.

I brought along two Alien Bee 800 320 Ws lights, umbrellas for diffusion and my eye. My client, Allstone Group, was concerned with me capturing the detail of the beautiful sink in a "real" kitchen. They wanted me to show how it looks outside of a showroom. I shot at a narrow aperture to show off the fine details of the marble and outline of the leaf design. I did not want any of the details to get lost. 

My client was happy with the shot and that is another key part of my profession!

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New Instagram Hashtag: thediptychproject I am excited to announce I've launched #thediptychproject to the world of Instagram. You can follow me at my Instagram account, naheedence, and get daily photographs or video from your favorite pro. I am @naheedence to view online. You can also like me on Facebook for weekly updates.

Diptychs and triptychs allow you to have two or three images from the same shoot to show a similar idea in one image.

Right now I am displaying portrait sessions using two (sometime three) photos from one photo session. I will branch out with more imagery displaying all of the subjects I shoot: Products, architecture, weddings and more. Using several pictures in one image is a great way to tell a story.

As of today most of the photos displayed @thediptychproject were shot by yours truly. I did see another instagrammer post a couple of their diptychs and I hope it will expand to even more people. 

Following The Diptych Project I am working on some photo montages in the coming weeks. I have several ideas and they will be coming soon to my website and my social media accounts so stay tuned.

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Mehndi, Nikah, Rukhsati: South Asian Muslim Wedding

Above is a photo I shot of a bride the day after her Mehndi. She is pictured here saying a prayer during her Nikah. The Mehndi (aka henna) ceremony is before the Nikah. The Mehndi celebrates the beginning of a marriage with body art, members of the family and close friends mark their bodies in beautiful patterns. The Nikah is usually the following day.  During the Nikah the vows are said with a ring or valuables exchange and the couple is officially deemed married.

During a Muslim Rukhsati the bride is walked by her family to the groom's family with a Qur'an held over her head. The groom waits for her in the car and they drive away. They depart to their new life and the wedding is complete. Above the bride leaves the wedding reception with her family. These are truly the best times for me to shoot. They are candid, emotional moments, that can never be recreated.



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Humorous Family Portrait Session in Los Angeles!

Babies are the toughest clients! Many times you are lucky to get a handful of "good" happy shots during a photo session. It depends on so many variables and you try to get them all just right beforehand. Has the baby napped and eaten? Is the room warm or cold enough? Will the baby be bothered by the flash? And sometimes you have a very short window so you have to hold that shutter down before you miss any magic. But magic is subjective, isn't it? The photos on the bottom of the triptych are hilarious, no? Why not book your special family moments with a pro? Call or email me today for a studio or outdoor portrait session in Los Angeles. I can even travel to you, we all know how much babies just love carseats, hahahah! *Disclaimer, these photos are not retouched, please excuse any blemishes ;)*

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Shooting Reflective and Metallic Objects The following scenarios show various setups and results for a bottle of cologne I shot during a product photography session. You can use these basic principals for lighting a myriad of subjects.

First Setup: One strobe light fired with a shoot through umbrella positioned to the left of the product.

Second Setup: One strobe light fired with a shoot through umbrella to the left of the product, and a folded white board reflecting light on right side of product.

Third Setup: Two strobe lights fired with shoot through umbrellas directly to the left and right of the product.


As you can see, the best results are from two strobes, but if you only have one light, using a handmade reflector can help out a lot! None of these photos have any retouching :) Here I am below with my setup. Have a great day!




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Pregnancy Photo Sessions in NELA-Northeast Los Angeles lifestylephotosPregnancy Maternity Photo Session Los Angeles Everyday we see hundreds, if not thousands of images. The advertisements, media, selfie overload, it all effects us in ways we don't even imagine. As a photographer I have deep respect for time and recording moments. The photographs captured during this maternity photo session speak for themselves. Boundless love for what is soon to come. 

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for some. Many of us know all too well the journey to pregnancy is often not an easy road. Couples sometimes open up and tell me their stories, how exciting and emotional their ride has been. I feel honored to capture photographs they will look at as their children and they themselves age. Memories can keep us going.

Choosing the right photographer who can put people at ease is key. When emotions are not forced and my clients are comfortable in front of the camera REAL moments are only seconds away. 

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Chakra Powered Jewelry Photo Shoot in Los Angeles I create outstanding photos of products for my clients throughout the country. Recently I shot a session for Five Star Hippie. They make spirit inspired jewelry and are based out of Santa Monica. President of the company, Janine Forte, has contagious fun and positive energy, which made our session exceptional. She is pictured here while I setup the shot of her bracelets to get the perfectly styled photograph.

Above is a closeup of the beautifully designed bracelets. I love using the Macro lens and capturing the handmade detail. Now this is something your IPhone is not going to do for you! If you have a product you want to stand out in the barrage of products online, hire a professional photographer. You hire a professional like myself for my TRAINED EYE and knowing the craft. Manipulating lights, setting up the camera and getting it all to work in harmony, that's my job.

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Portraits Nonstop-Los Angeles Studio Photography

I started a campaign on Instagram @naheedence all about portraiture. I am using diptychs to show two photos created during one photo shoot. I shoot so many photos during one session it is difficult to choose only two images to tell the story of my subjects. I usually only choose one for my website but am gravitating toward diptychs so I can express more in one image.

I am shooting a variety of subjects at the moment. Product photography is up next. In the meantime I plan to continue this portraiture campaign and hope to get some bookings. Are you almost famous and need some outstanding photographs to help you get noticed? Give me a call or email me today! I have a fully equipped studio and am waiting to get creative with you. 

The portraits above are of cellist Valerie Kuehne and model Mel Bruner. Two moods, one image.

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Photo Shoot with Producer Claude Young: Electric, inspiring and so much fun!

Claude Young's personality shone through during our photo session at my studio in Los Angeles. We scheduled the shoot the day before so I did not have much time to prepare. Claude made it easy to capture his bright personality.  He was cracking jokes and forcing me to laugh at myself because I was so focused on lighting, background distance from the subject, his facial position and making sure my settings were on point. If I am going to get the best shots I have to make sure my settings are right man ;) If anyone knows about proper settings it would be a precise producer like Claude himself.

Claude Young Los AngelesClaude Young Los AngelesClaude Young Los Angeles portrait session 2018 I put some Digital Underground on to keep the good times rolling and our photo shoot was definitely a hit. I hope we can do another session in the future and keep the creative juices flowing. Working with other artists is one of my favorite joys in life. I feel so lucky to be able to do it time and time again.





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Scheduling Photo Shoots in Los Angeles-Get Some Professional Photos and Stand Out in 2018! This year I plan to shoot more than ever and will up my game in the social media world. I am compiling a list of subjects for my campaign. I really wish Instagram allowed you to have separate sections in one account so I could display my images in a more cohesive way by subject. But, I guess that is what my website is for! I am hoping to draw more Instagrammers to my website, and of course get some web hits from Facebook as well. Let's be honest, I need some customers from those hits!

I really would love to shoot plenty of portrait sessions this year. There is something so special about meeting someone, shooting their photograph and telling their story within a 10-60 minute time span. 

Santa Monica PortraitSanta Monica Portrait I had about 30 minutes with the client above, who is an author. I setup lights, cleaned up the environs and made sure to bring out his personality all in a matter of minutes. I used two strobes and two diffused umbrellas for this shot and really wanted to make sure there were not any distracting shadows to take away from the background. I had to edit and send the photos his way within a few hours. I really love working under tight deadlines.

I photographed this image for Concierge Physicians. I had about 10 minutes in between the doctor's appointment to get the shot. I also had to retouch and send the best photos on the same day. Here, I shot with only one external on-camera flash and bounced the light off the low ceiling to get some nice light spread.

Next time you want to impress prospective clients with your website or brochure for your company, be sure to give me a call or send an email!


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El Sereno Mural in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is full of beautiful murals and every busy street has so much to see. Some of the best go unnoticed. One of my favorites is in my neighborhood in East LA, by artist Kristy Sandoval. In the top left corner is a quote from Cesar Chavez, "You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore".

As a photographer in Los Angeles their is no shortage of coverage about DACA and ICE. Many artists have dedicated their careers to speaking out against injustice, by using the power of their outlook and creativity. 

City Hall looming on protesters in downtown LACity Hall looming on protesters in downtown LA at the Immigrants Make America Great Rally In the photo above, shot with my 16-35mm lens, City Hall looms large and tall over the protesters. It's been said that City Hall in downtown LA is like a large phallus in the middle of the city. Placed their by conquerers whose only passion was to colonize and control the masses.

We are connected to our past as much as we are the present and future. Being an artist telling stories through images allows me to freeze time. Whose stories and images will be held in people's minds? Will we be impacted by what we've seen? Hopefully...

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Birth Photography in Los Angeles

Giving birth is one of the most amazing and intimate experiences a woman and her loved ones can have. When I photograph births I place my photojournalist cap on and let the magic unfurl. This is of utmost importance so you are not intruding on such sensitive moments. I've worked with midwives who've told me some bizarre tales about what photographers have done during a live birth, I will never be in that category. You will barely notice I am there.

I am looking forward to photographing more births this year. I hope you will consider me to photograph your birth ladies. It is such a sacred day and reliving it through photos is a lovely way to remind you of those moments for a lifetime. In Los Angeles there are over 130,000 births a year! I hope I will be there for some of those solitary experiences.


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Sunset in Downtown Los Angeles NYE, 2018 is here... Chinatown Historic State Park in Los AngelesChinatown Historic State Park in Los AngelesChinatown Historic State Park in Los Angeles, Chinatown, Downtown LA.

The sun sets on New Year's Eve in downtown Los Angeles. My daughter and husband are the tiny people walking by in the foreground. The Downtown Los Angeles skyline view is from Chinatown's State Historic Park.

I hope 2018 is a great year, and let's face it, it better be! Personally, 2018 was a great year as I enjoy each day with my toddler and keep my photography career going. The world at large is an entirely different story, I don't need to explain.

Here in LA we passed bills to help the homeless population, hopefully we will see those first steps carried out into success. I will be there with my camera in hand to capture the ever changing landscape. As we enjoy a "clean slate" and new beginning I hope to shoot more video and photographs, spend more time working on my art and enjoy every moment possible with my family.

Here is to you 2018, may you takes us light years into a better future for us all...

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Shepard Fairey The Library Street Collective's Shepard Fairey exhibit is nestled among dumpling factories and the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles. The space is hidden at 1650 Naud Street. Recently, I photographed the space during the stunning display of Shepard Fairey's work at his exhibit, Damaged. I loved the setup of the exhibit where you walk in and enter a mock-up version of the artist's studio. You immediately see details like his paint splotched shoes, paint mask and shards of multicolored paper.

Shepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey Sculpture at Damaged Exhibit in DTLA.

I was happy to see so much of his work and didn't know Fairey created sculptures like the one above. I am always impressed by his wit and attention to detail.

The warehouse where the "Damaged" exhibition is located in Chinatown is thousands of square feet. Library Street Collective is Detroit based and is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA). NADA is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support and advancement of new voices in contemporary art. The exhibit ends on December 17th and I feel so lucky to have seen Shepard Fairey's largest exhibit to date.

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Year End Sale on My Handmade Clutches/Zipper Pouches-Original Photography & Design If you need a stylish clutch or large zipper pouch for yourself or loved ones check out my Etsy shop at: 

The video below is a time lapse of myself making large clutches and zipper pouches from start to finish. Coming up with my own designs and learning how to sew a large clutch was a very exciting project for me. I hope you will support my art and buy a pouch today! They are gender neutral and I place extra cushy lining in the pouch so they can also be used to keep your tablet safe. Watch My Time Lapse of Zipper Pouch Creation!

I first came up with the idea of placing my images on merchandise a few years ago. I started with the zipper pouches and am hoping to launch a line of pillow covers in the coming years. The bags are made in Los Angeles and the materials are sourced locally, all are made in the USA. I get the zippers from a great place in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles called Zip Up Zipper.

Sewing these bags allows me time to be crafty. I enjoy meditating during the process and learning the skill of sewing. I am always amazed by how much I learn each time I sew. Similarly, each time I shoot a photo session I learn something new. I love mastering the art and craft of stunning visuals and am happy to create a bag to display some of my photography and designs. I put my heart and soul into these bags. I tried out different designs, fabrics and learned how to sew them from scratch. I had to try a few printers who print on fabric for me to get the sharp look I was going for. It took a long time to perfect them. 

My next step is to approach some local shops in Los Angeles and sell some bags on consignment. The bags fit a 10 inch or smaller tablet perfectly. They can be used for anything from makeup and toiletries to art supplies. Wish me luck and stay tuned, buy a bag for someone this holiday season! Check out my shop at:

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Downtown Los Angeles Public Library Main Branch I have always been fascinated with the passage of time. The words "This too shall pass" make me feel the importance of capturing time through photographs. The Los Angeles Public Library is a cultural and informational hub. Will that change in the future? I wonder how changes in technology will effect how information at the library is exchanged. Remember the Dewey Decimal System, I bet you most people under the age of 25 aka millennials do not!

Self Checkout at the los angeles public library in downtown la

We live in a time when public education is being defunded. That's why it is more important than ever to visit a library and surround ourselves with books, computers and discovery. Part of my job as a photographer is to pay attention to every detail of my surroundings. I take those photographs and create an essay in my mind about what story I want to tell.

The photo above is just outside in the courtyard of The Los Angeles Public Library. I predict in 5 years there will be a lot more pedestrians in this park with all of the changes happening in DTLA.


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