Welcome to the Naheedence Photo Blog! I’m Naheed Choudhry a creative and accomplished photographer in business for over seven years. I work and reside in Los Angeles, California, but have clients nation and worldwide. This photography blog will be the best place for you to view images from my recent photo sessions. It’s also where I’ll announce new products and share my thoughts about my work and the amazing clients that I feel so lucky to work with year-round. When I'm not photographing I love cooking, traveling, drinking tea, listening to great music, doing Yoga and dancing (not in that order ;) Please check back often and leave a comment when you visit.

Nature Restore Product Photo Shoot

December 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I just completed a product photo shoot at my studio in Los Angeles for a California based company Nuliv Science. The product is a powder made from fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. The company takes every precaution for great quality control of every ingredient from start to finish. I love working with companies who care about the earth and the health of its customers.

I photographed the pouches of powder with various props and the fine powders isolated. I always love shooting macro photography and love the way textures look up close. The colors of the powders really stood out to me. It was a challenge to get the packages to look somewhat uniform in each shot because the powders sit differently in each pouch. In the end the client and I decided it was better to keep it looking like a photograph because when you apply too much Photoshop it looks like an illustration rather than a photograph. Below is a photo my husband took while I was shooting the last few photos. I photographed and retouched 76 shots so it was quite an undertaking after watching my toddler all day, but I felt proud at the end of the week when the project was complete.

Year End Holiday Photography Specials

November 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It's that time of year again and I am having portrait session specials to end the year on a good note! Book from now until New Year's Day and get 15% off a family or maternity portrait session and a free 8x10 print from the session. Bookings can be scheduled for next year. Please email for details and have a great Holiday season! 

Naheedence Featured in Voyage LA Magazine

November 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I am happy to announce I was featured in a Los Angeles based magazine recently. The magazine is called Voyage LA and they focus on all things Los Angeles off the beaten path and not so much in the mainstream realm. You can check out the article at: http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-northeast-la-photographer-naheed-choudhry-caballero/

Handmade High Quality Zipper Pouch Featuring Naheedence Photographs

November 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently completed a time lapse video showing the process of making my durable zipper pouches. I shot the raw footage with my Canon Mark iii with an intervalometer and used Adobe Premiere Pro to create the time lapse. You can click above to view the video and see parts of the process. I shot the time lapse while my husband watched our one-year-old. He also provided the music for the video. My talented hubby is not only a great father but is also a computer genius and music producer. I could not be a pro photographer, business owner, bag-maker and good mother without him!

The pouches are large and can fit up to a 10-inch wide tablet or toiletries, makeup and such. I recently updated my Etsy store with two new designs including an homage to my hometown of Detroit (design below). Making things from scratch requires a lot of patience. I have learned so much from the process and from myself. It took a lot of trial and error, and coffee too! I hope you enjoy the video and check out my Etsy shop to purchase a stylish bag. There are several bags to choose from and they make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion. 

Go directly to the Etsy site at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/naheedence . Enjoy the rest of 2016, time is surely flying by!

Creating Zipper Pouches With My Images

October 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

After a couple of days of shooting I am editing a time lapse video to promote my zipper pouch bags. I learned to make them by hand and am selling them at my Etsy shop. I first came up with the idea when I thought about placing my images on merchandise a few years ago. I started with the zipper pouches and am hoping to launch a line of pillow covers in the coming years. The bags are made in Los Angeles by me and most of the materials are sourced locally, all are made in the USA. I get the zippers from a great place in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles called Zip Up Zipper.

Sewing these bags allows me time to be crafty. I enjoy meditating during the process and learning the skill of sewing. I am always amazed by how much I learn each time I sew. Similarly, each time I shoot a photo session I learn something new. I love mastering the art and craft of stunning visuals and am happy to create a bag to display some of my photography and designs. I put my heart and soul into these bags. I tried out different designs, fabrics and learned how to sew them from scratch. I had to try a few printers who print on fabric for me to get the sharp look I was going for. It took a long time to perfect them. 

Stay tuned to check out a new design for the upcoming holiday season and to see the time lapse video featuring music from my husband, Nomadico. My next step is to approach some local shops in Los Angeles and sell some bags on consignment. The bags fit a 10 inch or smaller tablet perfectly. They can be used for anything from makeup and toiletries to art supplies. Wish me luck and stay tuned, buy a bag for someone this holiday season! Check out my shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/naheedence

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