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Shepard Fairey

December 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Library Street Collective's Shepard Fairey exhibit is nestled among dumpling factories and the Los Angeles State Historic Park in downtown Los Angeles. The space is hidden at 1650 Naud Street. Recently, I photographed the space during the stunning display of Shepard Fairey's work at his exhibit, Damaged. I loved the setup of the exhibit where you walk in and enter a mock-up version of the artist's studio. You immediately see details like his paint splotched shoes, paint mask and shards of multicolored paper.

Shepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey SculptureShepard Fairey Sculpture at Damaged Exhibit in DTLA.

I was happy to see so much of his work and didn't know Fairey created sculptures like the one above. I am always impressed by his wit and attention to detail.

The warehouse where the "Damaged" exhibition is located in Chinatown is thousands of square feet. Library Street Collective is Detroit based and is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA). NADA is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the cultivation, support and advancement of new voices in contemporary art. The exhibit ends on December 17th and I feel so lucky to have seen Shepard Fairey's largest exhibit to date.

Year End Sale on My Handmade Clutches/Zipper Pouches-Original Photography & Design

December 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If you need a stylish clutch or large zipper pouch for yourself or loved ones check out my Etsy shop at:https://www.etsy.com/shop/naheedence 

The video below is a time lapse of myself making large clutches and zipper pouches from start to finish. Coming up with my own designs and learning how to sew a large clutch was a very exciting project for me. I hope you will support my art and buy a pouch today! They are gender neutral and I place extra cushy lining in the pouch so they can also be used to keep your tablet safe. Watch My Time Lapse of Zipper Pouch Creation!

I first came up with the idea of placing my images on merchandise a few years ago. I started with the zipper pouches and am hoping to launch a line of pillow covers in the coming years. The bags are made in Los Angeles and the materials are sourced locally, all are made in the USA. I get the zippers from a great place in the fashion district of downtown Los Angeles called Zip Up Zipper.

Sewing these bags allows me time to be crafty. I enjoy meditating during the process and learning the skill of sewing. I am always amazed by how much I learn each time I sew. Similarly, each time I shoot a photo session I learn something new. I love mastering the art and craft of stunning visuals and am happy to create a bag to display some of my photography and designs. I put my heart and soul into these bags. I tried out different designs, fabrics and learned how to sew them from scratch. I had to try a few printers who print on fabric for me to get the sharp look I was going for. It took a long time to perfect them. 

My next step is to approach some local shops in Los Angeles and sell some bags on consignment. The bags fit a 10 inch or smaller tablet perfectly. They can be used for anything from makeup and toiletries to art supplies. Wish me luck and stay tuned, buy a bag for someone this holiday season! Check out my shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/naheedence

Downtown Los Angeles Public Library Main Branch

December 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have always been fascinated with the passage of time. The words "This too shall pass" make me feel the importance of capturing time through photographs. The Los Angeles Public Library is a cultural and informational hub. Will that change in the future? I wonder how changes in technology will effect how information at the library is exchanged. Remember the Dewey Decimal System, I bet you most people under the age of 25 aka millennials do not!

Self Checkout at the los angeles public library in downtown la

We live in a time when public education is being defunded. That's why it is more important than ever to visit a library and surround ourselves with books, computers and discovery. Part of my job as a photographer is to pay attention to every detail of my surroundings. I take those photographs and create an essay in my mind about what story I want to tell.

The photo above is just outside in the courtyard of The Los Angeles Public Library. I predict in 5 years there will be a lot more pedestrians in this park with all of the changes happening in DTLA.


Mehndi Ni Mehndi

November 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I remember having mendhi placed on my hands and feet as a child. I was so excited to see the colors meld into my skin. The longer you left it on, the darker it became. It's been a couple of years since I've had it on my palm. There are thousands of designs and I like to photograph while they are being "inked" on. It takes a steady hand, an eye for design and a lot of practice to get it to look lovely. Then again, almost any design looks good, in South Asia you see men and women with only a burnt orange circle of mendhi on their hands. Mendhi is used by Hindus and Muslims worldwide to celebrate many occasions, especially weddings. According to a dictionary of Urdu, classical Hindi, and English the use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. It was originally used for only women's palms and sometimes for men, but as time progressed, it was more common for men to wear it. Haldi (staining oneself with turmeric paste) as well as mehndi are Vedic customs, intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun.

90th Birthday of a Hard Working Immigrant

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This portrait of my grandfather is very special to me. I photographed the portrait in Detroit a few months ago. My grandfather turned 90 years old and is close to my heart. 

My family emigrated here slowly from Pakistan in the late 1970's. They are hardworking and we thank them each day for all of the sacrifices they made so the future generations of their family could have a better life. 

The photo to the left is from 1952 shot by a forgotten photographer. The portrait on the right is him at 90. May we all be so lucky to have our health and happiness at his age. 


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