Welcome to the Naheedence Photo Blog. I’m Naheed, a renaissance woman and explorer captivated by all things photography. I am an award winning and passionate photographer in business for over ten years. I work and reside in Los Angeles, California, but have clients nation and worldwide. This is where I share my thoughts about my work and the amazing clients that I feel so lucky to work with year-round.

Humorous Family Portrait Session in Los Angeles!

April 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Babies are the toughest clients! Many times you are lucky to get a handful of "good" happy shots during a photo session. It depends on so many variables and you try to get them all just right beforehand. Has the baby napped and eaten? Is the room warm or cold enough? Will the baby be bothered by the flash? And sometimes you have a very short window so you have to hold that shutter down before you miss any magic. But magic is subjective, isn't it? The photos on the bottom of the triptych are hilarious, no? Why not book your special family moments with a pro? Call or email me today for a studio or outdoor portrait session in Los Angeles. I can even travel to you, we all know how much babies just love carseats, hahahah! *Disclaimer, these photos are not retouched, please excuse any blemishes ;)*

Shooting Reflective and Metallic Objects

April 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The following scenarios show various setups and results for a bottle of cologne I shot during a product photography session. You can use these basic principals for lighting a myriad of subjects.

First Setup: One strobe light fired with a shoot through umbrella positioned to the left of the product.

Second Setup: One strobe light fired with a shoot through umbrella to the left of the product, and a folded white board reflecting light on right side of product.

Third Setup: Two strobe lights fired with shoot through umbrellas directly to the left and right of the product.


As you can see, the best results are from two strobes, but if you only have one light, using a handmade reflector can help out a lot! None of these photos have any retouching :) Here I am below with my setup. Have a great day!




Pregnancy Photo Sessions in NELA-Northeast Los Angeles

April 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

lifestylephotosPregnancy Maternity Photo Session Los Angeles Everyday we see hundreds, if not thousands of images. The advertisements, media, selfie overload, it all effects us in ways we don't even imagine. As a photographer I have deep respect for time and recording moments. The photographs captured during this maternity photo session speak for themselves. Boundless love for what is soon to come. 

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for some. Many of us know all too well the journey to pregnancy is often not an easy road. Couples sometimes open up and tell me their stories, how exciting and emotional their ride has been. I feel honored to capture photographs they will look at as their children and they themselves age. Memories can keep us going.

Choosing the right photographer who can put people at ease is key. When emotions are not forced and my clients are comfortable in front of the camera REAL moments are only seconds away. 

Chakra Powered Jewelry Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

March 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I create outstanding photos of products for my clients throughout the country. Recently I shot a session for Five Star Hippie. They make spirit inspired jewelry and are based out of Santa Monica. President of the company, Janine Forte, has contagious fun and positive energy, which made our session exceptional. She is pictured here while I setup the shot of her bracelets to get the perfectly styled photograph.

Above is a closeup of the beautifully designed bracelets. I love using the Macro lens and capturing the handmade detail. Now this is something your IPhone is not going to do for you! If you have a product you want to stand out in the barrage of products online, hire a professional photographer. You hire a professional like myself for my TRAINED EYE and knowing the craft. Manipulating lights, setting up the camera and getting it all to work in harmony, that's my job.

Portraits Nonstop-Los Angeles Studio Photography

March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I started a campaign on Instagram @naheedence all about portraiture. I am using diptychs to show two photos created during one photo shoot. I shoot so many photos during one session it is difficult to choose only two images to tell the story of my subjects. I usually only choose one for my website but am gravitating toward diptychs so I can express more in one image.

I am shooting a variety of subjects at the moment. Product photography is up next. In the meantime I plan to continue this portraiture campaign and hope to get some bookings. Are you almost famous and need some outstanding photographs to help you get noticed? Give me a call or email me today! I have a fully equipped studio and am waiting to get creative with you. 

The portraits above are of cellist Valerie Kuehne and model Mel Bruner. Two moods, one image.


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