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Regent Theater Downtown Los Angeles

August 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I was hired to photograph the Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles. They are opening the music venue up to events other than music shows. The Regent is located in the heart of the Theater District. The building captures a great period in turn of the century American architecture. 

My client wanted to express the ambience of the place with its dark blue lighting. The darker photos show the expansive mysterious feeling of the environment when you first walk in the space. I shot of mixture of darker photos to capture the ambience and brighter HDR photos to show more details of the space. 



Regent TheaterRegent TheaterCanon 5D Mark iii The HDR photos capture more detail and show the space with brighter lighting, though those photos display more of a magenta hue. The brighter photos give you more of an idea of the concrete flooring, the details of the furniture and the unique medallions featured throughout the theater. The darker photos give people more of the mysterious feeling when you first walk into the Regent.

It is a tough call for me to say which photos I like better because they both tell the story of the space just in a different way. HDR is an interesting way to photograph and give a more detailed and three-dimensional feel to a photo. Oftentimes the technique also reminds me of a painting.

I love the way downtown Los Angeles is changing before my eyes. From night on Broadway to the many art walks throughout the year. The old downtown that many Angelenos think of is no longer. Stay tuned to my blog to view the latest images and stories of Los Angeles and it's rapid changes. Below is an photo of the bottom floor bar at The Regent.

I am headed to Detroit for a couple of weeks with my family. I am visiting my mother, father and brothers. We are also meeting a new family member, my daughter's cousin who is the first to be younger than her. I will be back to my blog after my vacation in the Motor City. Home of Motown, home of too many great musical artists to name. Also home to so many memories of my childhood, teen years and University experience.

Real Estate Photography in Los Angeles

August 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Open house, real estate photographyReal Estate photography by Naheed Choudhry Caballero.

Through the years I've photographed homes, businesses and prospective lands for buyers. Nowadays, I shoot video of properties as well and do walkthroughs of a space. Recently I photographed for a home going for upwards of $1.5 million dollars...To some that may not seem like much but to this Detroiter, turned Brooklynite turned East Angeleno, that is a hell of a lot of money.

The space is huge and the backyard and curb appeal is on point. When I photograph a space I like to do a combination of HDR along with traditional ambient lit spaces. I use strobes and on-camera flash as well but if the light is right I might use ambient light and just go for a more natural look.

With my 16-35mm f2.8 wide angle lens shooting interiors and exteriors is as fun as shooting landscapes. Often you run into challenges: a room with ugly yellow lights and no windows, a space that is not that clean, a space with a dark ceiling and not much ambient light etc. Setting the white balance and the right exposure is of utmost importance in camera. You have to be technical and shoot the right angles to make the space shine even if it in not that great. This is when your real photographic talent is put to the test.

Shooting interiors and exteriors is a great addition to my portfolio. At events I have to photograph the space as well as the action. Often times people don't keep that in mind. During on-location photo shoots you have to know what ambient light you can use, if you will need a reflector or where the shade is located. These are all elements you use in every photo shoot. 

Sometimes clients wonder why I don't "specialize" in one type of photography. I used to shoot for newspapers. During that time I needed to shoot every aspect of the story. The location, the people, the time etc. Afterwards, sometimes on the same day, you would move on to a food photo shoot for the features section, then you would shoot a portrait of an artist who is exhibiting at a museum nearby. I got used to that and don't want that to change. I love all types of photography and will incorporate that into my shoots forever. 

Also, photographers need to adapt during this ever-changing time of visual storytelling. I am from the school of thought, the more you know the better!

The Main Museum in Downtown Los Angeles aka Beta Main

July 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


The Main Museum in Downtown Los Angeles is scheduled to be completed in 2020. They have a small gallery setup called Beta Main at the moment and I visited recently. It has a lot of promise and I commend them for displaying the work of artists, including photographer Star Montana, who are generally not the focus of "modern" museums in Los Angeles. The space is small right now but the renderings are amazing and I am excited to see the end result.

These photographs are of an exhibition called "Circle Chairs, Triangle Chairs by artist Alice Konitz. Beta Main is located at 114 W 4th St. Los Angeles, CA 90013. Downtown LA is becoming more developed by the day. From the arts district, to the historic district and beyond it is an exciting work in progress. Since I am located a 10 minute drive from DTLA I am very happy to see the once dilapidated land put to positive use. 

Allysse's Quinceañera

July 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I photographed and shot video of a Quinceañera recently in metro Los Angeles and it was quite the affair. We started in Arcadia, went to All Souls Church in Alhambra, then off to Cascades Park in Monterey Park and finally traveled to Ontario (all the way to Ontario!) to the Airport Hotel for the reception. The photos above were shot at the home of my client. I have worked with this client before and knew it would be easier this time around since there was no need to 'break the ice".

When the birthday girl came out her court was excited to see her. Above her mother laughs with her as the audience reveres her beauty.

As a photographer it is difficult to keep a low profile during church ceremonies because sound travels and reverberates so easily. I captured this angle when my client's daughter did a short prayer in front of the Virgen De Guadalupe at All Souls Church and I was able to follow her. 

In the photograph below her friends have a laugh during their exciting day. I've posted a snippet of the video below for your viewing pleasure. 

UCLA Graduation 2017

July 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

UCLA GraduationUCLA Graduation2017 graduating class at UCLA school of geography I shot some documentary photography and portraits in Los Angeles during UCLA graduation day recently. It was for a family album for a client who hired me to visually tell the story of the day. The UCLA campus is lush and beautiful. It was buzzing with hundreds of graduates from many schools throughout the campus. Above is a photo I captured in the summer heat during a long ceremony. 

UCLA GraduationUCLA Graduation2017 graduating class at UCLA school of geography Mother of the graduate was all too proud that her youngest son graduated and was ready to begin his new life. She said "You want to equip your children with the tools for success" and I could not agree more. Below is a portrait I shot with so many people walking around it was difficult to get a clean backdrop. I was happy to find this little area and shot the portraits as fast as possible. 

UCLA GraduationUCLA Graduation2017 graduating class at UCLA school of geography

Many people don't realize how little time a photographer sometimes has to get several great shots. Here I was photographing portraits with only minutes after the ceremony until my client was scheduled to attend an event. I also parked partially in a red zone so took a risk so that I could start my shoot on time. I had some luck that day and did not get a ticket after all!

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