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Farmer John's 85th Anniversary

August 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I photographed an event with over 2,500 attendees in Downtown Los Angeles last weekend, Farmer John's 85th Anniversary Celebration. I was hired by Team Play Events to capture candids of the guests who came out to celebrate a Los Angeles food institution. There were executives getting dunked in water tanks, hula hoop contests and potato sack races. All on the grounds of where the famous hot dogs are made on Soto Street. It was quite a spectacle.

It was an extremely hot day! Photographing events in downtown Los Angeles outside when it is 85 degrees at 10 AM is no easy feat! Luckily there were watering stations and fan misters which I used throughout the day. It was a fun event and I am happy to have captured a piece of Los Angeles history.

Ramon's Surprise 80th Birthday Party

July 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I captured Ramon’s 80th birthday party last weekend in Monterey Park, just East of Los Angeles. The party was held at Luminarias, a well known Mexican restaurant and banquet hall. Ramon was totally thrown off guard when he entered the Buena Vista room. He thought he was meeting his immediate family for a birthday brunch.

People came from as far as Arizona to celebrate Ramon’s 80th birthday. I feel so lucky as an event photographer in Los Angeles. I get to capture and be part of so many wonderful moments in people’s lives. The excitement for me is especially the one time only aspect of it all. This occasion is only happening once, and I only get one chance to capture the moment. I got a great shot of him being surprised and also seeing the happiness in his face while he danced with his granddaughter.

Capturing events is a sacred thing to me. People will look back at these photos for generations to come and unlike a portrait session or other photo sessions where you get a second or third chance to get the shot right, during events it is only once. A truly seasoned photographer can capture a moment in time in any light and even have a backup camera at the ready in case it is necessary. It is a craft I enjoy and respect more after every photo shoot.

Alicia's 70th Birthday Party

July 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I photographed a birthday party of a lovely grandmother who turned 70 years old. The birthday girl's daughter found me on Yelp and after we spoke in the Spring she put a deposit down for the party in July. I photographed portraits of the family and captured candid photographs of the party. It was definitely not the mellow party I expected. It was quite fun to capture the birthday girl dancing and seeing her have a ball on her 70th.

I hope I can be this boisterous at her age. My own mother is in her 60s and she is still dancing and has a great sense of humor too.

This party was just a reminder you never know what to expect as a photographer. I had only spoken on the phone with my client and been in touch via email. When you photograph a party of people you've never met you don't know how fun it may be! These photos will always remind me to live life to the fullest no matter what age :) Below she is taking a more fun portrait and the last photo is a shot of the dancers who were hired to entertain the guests. I have photographed 40th birthday parties, 50th birthday parties and 75th birthday parties but Alicia's 70th birthday party takes the cake. It was held at Geezers in Santa Fe Springs, a suburb East of Los Angeles. 

Beverly Hills Wedding

June 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Every once in awhile I get a small wedding job for a couple getting married at a City Hall and then we usually do one or two other locations after the city hall ceremony. This is the second time I have photographed a couple at Beverly Hills City Hall and then went to Greystone Mansion after for a portrait session. The couple asked me to not use photos of their faces on my website so I am just including a soft portrait and two details. 

Every photo session is a learning experience for me. We ended up having to go to a third location and I had to think quick and shoot several photos in 20 minutes. I am happy I work well under pressure and my client was happy with her photos!

Sugaring Photo Shoot in Los Angeles

June 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Occasionally I get a client who wants to work in squares. I usually work in rectangles so working in squares is not my favorite activity! Imagine my dismay when Instagram first came out?! Luckily Instagram has a landscape button to change the square to a rectangle these days. I photographed for a client who does sugaring and waxing, facials etc. and uses all natural ingredients. She wanted to use the images for social media so I kept my shots to work within a square frame. Often times I will also shoot a little bit wider for square photos so I can crop them into squares and have more wiggle room later. Ah, the tricks of the trade! All of our secrets are out here on the Internet nowadays! I am not that old, really ;)

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