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Barry Z's 75th Birthday Party

March 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I always feel honored when I photograph a birthday. Whether the person is 5 or 75 it is a special occasion to commemorate our time on earth. The room is always filled with happy people celebrating someone's life that they love. A great occasion to capture for any photographer.

The party was at a church in Sierra Madre, California. The church was beautiful and it was a lovely day in the San Gabriel Valley.

Above the birthday boy sits with his grandchildren on his 75th birthday. I wonder what it feels like to live that long and be in good health. Cheers to Barry and to his family. May we all be so blessed!


Immigrants Make America Great March in Downtown Los Angeles

February 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This past weekend I attended a march in downtown LA with thousands of others in solidarity against discrimination. Several groups marched for the rights of immigrants and to take a stand against Donald Trump's bigotry and hatred. The rights of so many people are in danger and Native Americans represented in Downtown Los Angeles to stand up for immigrant rights and for the rights of indigenous people. 

I have spent more time being a photojournalist in the past few months because of the political climate in the US. It brings me back to why I originally picked up a camera, to tell stories and give people a voice. Right now with the media under attack it is of utmost importance for us to document these tumultuous times. Trump and his ridiculous cabinet can keep lying about how they are so successful but we all know the truth. Their fascist regime will fail because we live in a democracy. We can't let Trump and his followers pretend this is "business as usual" politics. 

The march started at Pershing Square and ended at City Hall. I will keep shining a light on these voices because they we all need to be heard. Not just the 1%. To view more photos I captured at the rally visit: 

Chela Una Portrait Session in El Sereno Los Angeles #NELA

February 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

I recently did a portrait session for promotional material and album artwork for singer Chela Una. I wanted to capture female empowerment in the photographs and we did not want them to be light and cutesy but more serious and edgy. 

I wanted to focus on her face and eyes during the session and I tried to get her hands in the mix also but ended up liking the photos with an emphasis on her face the most. The photography session took place at my studio in El Sereno in Northeast Los Angeles. 

I did not go crazy with Photoshop in the final edit. I am trying more and more to get everything in camera and feel for my style I am truly trying to capture the essence of a person and not a caricature version of them, unless they want an illustrated photo I shot using a filter (see below).




Women's March in Downtown Los Angeles Rallies Historic Crowds

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Marches across the United States and the world took place on Sunday urging people to unite together for common causes against sexism, racism and for equality for all women and people of the world.

The only time I've ever seen this many people gathered in Los Angeles is for concerts. It was quite an inspiring spectacle. This past week has been a trial for us all to see what Trump will do and how citizens will react. Since he lost the popular vote I have wanted to get involved with getting rid of the electoral college, a racist and outdated law that needs to be amended for modern times, like other parts of the constitution.  

Trump will try his best to separate us but we will continue to fight for equal rights for all and not succumb to bigotry and hatred. To get involved please call and/or write to your senators and representatives and let them know you will not vote for bigots and you stand with all people. All people deserve the right to be healthy and live in a safe environment. The future of our country depends on us.

Winter Landscapes at Joshua Tree National Park

January 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I trekked through Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend for a glorious view of Southern California at its best. I shot a time lapse which I will post soon and captured Barker Dam, a rare glimpse of water in the Mojave Desert. It was cloudy and the sky was dramatic throughout our trip. Joshua Tree National Park is located in southeastern California. Declared a U.S. National Park in 1994 when the U.S. Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act (Public Law 103-433), it had previously been a U.S. National Monument since 1936. It is named for the Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) native to the park.

Joshua Tree is a photographer's dream. The sky changes at a rapid pace in the winter and no two shots will be the same. We saw Native American Glyphs on the Barker Damn Trail as well and I love how the history has been preserved and will be for years to come.

Yosemite is next on the list but takes a lot more planning so it may take some time to get there. I love photographing nature because it allows you to be immersed in it on a different level. You are truly one with it when you look through the lens and see it in microscopic view. Upon coming back I have a sense of peace I hope stays with me until the next time I can hike for three days straight until I am so tired my muscles ache. Below are two cholla cacti who look like they are holding hands or better yet, dancing!

I rarely post photos of myself on my website but I look so happy in this photo near some rock formations in the winter air I though I would share it. I hope everybody has a great year, all things considered! To view more photos from my trip visit: Winter 2017 at Joshua Tree

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